Pure Professionalism



Founder and Program Director

Carl Vaughan is a dedicated educator with over twenty-five years of successful education experience. He received his Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in historic Richmond, Virginia. After acquiring his degree, he taught art in middle and high school for twelve years. As a classroom teacher, coach, mentor, and activity sponsor, Vaughan instituted a variety of creative art concepts and school initiatives. These initiatives not only served the students' academic needs, but also encouraged their human growth and development . Through his direct leadership, many of the students became successful career, family, and community activists. After plateauing in his teaching career, Carl entered graduate school full-time at Virginia Commonwealth University and received his Master's Degree in Administration Supervision.
Vaughan became an assistant principal at two middle schools and one high school, following his degree receival.  He successfully assisted in the re-opening of a middle school in his first year as assistant principal. He integrated technology, alternative programs, and block scheduling over the next three years. Once again, he was appointed to serve at another middle school, where teacher development, after-school programs, and  community and technology integration continued to be his focus. In three short years, he joined the high school ranks during the height of the state and federal accreditation mandates.
Although high school presented its set of challenges, Vaughan was determined to prosper. Under his tutelage, the math department acquired the highest, single year gains ever. These gains assisted the challenged school to receive its accreditation within one year of Vaughan's dedicated services. Teacher development and recruitment continued to be his top focus as his departments demonstrated outstanding local and state award winning performances. The band, as part of the Fine Arts Department, won several national awards, as did two of the athletic teams. Additionally, he trained two administrative assistants, who, in just two short years, became assistant principals and, later, principals. It was during this time, that Vaughan entered graduate school in to receive a Doctoral Degree in Administration and Supervision at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, in Blacksburg, Virginia.